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pro audio gear by buzz audio

mic preamps

MA-2.2 stereo microphone amplifier

Flagship two channel Class A solid state microphone preamp that sounds exceptional on acoustic and percussive instruments. This is the product that started everything here at buzz audio!

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mastering equalizer

REQ-2.2 the resonance equalizer

High end two channel inductor based parametric mastering equalizer featuring Class A solid state circuitry and a special saturation section with models for mixing and recording.

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tracking compressor analog compressor

DBC-20 classic diode bridge compressor

Rich in harmonics and character, this transformer coupled diode bridge compressor brings the sound of vintage compression within easy reach

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mastering compressor mix compressor

DBC-M mastering grade diode compressor

Our diode bridge compressor in a mastering format with stepped controls for repeatability offers real vibe for the mastering room.

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mix bus compressor

SOC-20 mid side opto compressor

Our original design stereo optical compressor featuring a built in mid side processor allowing for amazing manipulation of stereo signals all with discrete Class A circuitry and Lundahl output transformers.

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mastering compressor mastering compressor

SOC-M mastering optical compressor

A mastering version of the SOC-20 compressor with detented controls brings our superb optical compression into the mastering room.

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4 mic preamps

QSP-20 quad studio mic preamplifier

Four channels of Class A versatile microphone and instrument amplification featuring discrete circuitry and Lundahl output transformers, The best value 4 channel mic preamp available.

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pro audio channel strip

ARC-1.1 complete recording channel strip

All the essentials brought together in one package with unmatched routing capabilities creating an outstandingly flexible piece of kit.

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500 Series channel strip

500 Series modules for 500 series frames

High end mic preamp, optical compressor and inductor based equalizer compatible with 500 Series racks. This range features Class A discrete circuits and Lundahl transformers.

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