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Discover the sound of pro-audio analogue products using the techniques you love from the past with the technology we invent today. We don't build clones - but we do take inspiration from the pioneering recording products from yesteryear and add our blend of innovative design and high-tech signal paths. The result is a range of products that are truly unique in the market with improved functionality, awesome sound quality and real vibe!

the drum buss

vocal mic

If you record real drums (or track in-the-box-drums) you need to hear the DBC-20 diode bridge compressor. Since the introduction of the DBC compressor, it has found favour with many users as a drum stem compressor, adding real vibe and weight to the performance. It can bring up ambience without sacrificing punch and dynamics.

"It has just the right amount of colour to it, its tight, punchy, rich and lush sounding."

"This is a very colored compressor, but what a color; sparkling wet, fast, clear, snappy, snazzy, and flamboyant all come to my mind."

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vocal recording

vocal mic

Real analog compression when tracking vocals can add a new dimension to your recordings, but you need a compressor that will respond to the performance and deliver a seamless result. The SOC-1.1 delivers all the vibe of vintage optical compressors but offers a faster response and enhanced user control.

". . . while this dude doesn't sport the tubes, it retains everything I miss about my LA-2A."

"It never lets you down and shines on all kinds of vocals . . ."

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tracking compressor

recording compressor

The 500 series is a popular format and there are so many modules to choose from it has become overwhelming. But if you are in need of a easy to use tracking compressor then discover the original Essence. Packed with features not found on any other 500 series optical compressor, it stands out from the crowd. Perfect for vocals, bass and acoustic instruments.

"It is very clean-sounding and extremely fast for an opto-based compressor."

"Killer 2-Bus units, phenomenal on kick drums & bass and a great lead vocal compressor."

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the mix buss

mix compressor

There is a view that optical compressors are too slow to use on a stereo mix. This may have been true of vintage LA designs, but our SOC-20 compressor features much faster attack and release times. In addition, the on board mid side processor creates a powerful mixing tool allowing you to manipulate the stereo image - a truly unique pro audio compressor.

". . . it works great on the bus for a lot of music where you want size and depth."

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pro equalisation

mastering eq

Since it's release 6 years ago, the REQ-2.2 has become the best selling mastering equalizer in the USA. Like all our products, the REQ features a unique design that delivers a sound quality like no other equalizer available, and this quality has found favour with mastering engineers around the world. But did you know the REQ-2.2 is also available in a lower cost version with 16dB boost/cut range for tracking and mixing tasks?

"It gives the mix more of a dimension from front to back, kinda jumps out at you."

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