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dual channel optical compressor

Taking over where our classic SOC-1.1 left off, we announce the new Velox dual channel optical recording compressor.


dual optical compressort stereo optical compressor

front view grey version front view black version

design features

The same compressor characteristic as the original SOC-1.1 but with additional features.
Optional fully discrete transistor Class A or integrated circuit signal path.
Smooth soft knee compression - does not dig holes in your tracks.
Mix control for blending the uncompressed and compressed signal further enhances the ratio selections.
Side chain high pass filter (bass mode) for more bass punch on full mixes.
Boutique hand made with loving care in New Zealand.
All high quality components and controls to last a life time.

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controls and functions

DRIVE - turning it clock wise increases compression, which is way more sensible than counter clock wise!
MAKEUP - variable control that adds up to 15dB gain after the compressor section to correct for lost level.
MIX - variable control that allows you to mix between the input signal and the compressor output (post the makeup control).
COMP IN - Push button switch to bypass or engage the compressor, (hard wire bypass).
BASS - Push button switch that engages a high pass filter into the side chain to reduce the sensitivity of the compressor at low frequencies.
METER G.R./O.P. - Push button switch to select the display on the VU meter of the amount of gain reduction or the output level.
ATTACK - rotary switch with FAST (1mS) 25mS, 50mS selections plus our excellent AUTO mode.
RELEASE - rotary switch selects recovery time of 100mS, 200mS, 400mS, 800mS, 1600mS and a superb AUTO mode.
RATIO - rotary switch with 4 settings for depth of compression, 2:1, 5:1, 10:1, 20:1.
There is also a handy power ON/OFF switch and a channel A/B LINK switch which soft links the sidechain circuit which is useful when the Velox is used on stereo mixes.

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