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NY Andres

I had ordered the SOC20 a few months ago, and I gotta say it impressed me massively. So much that just recently I ordered a QSP20 in spite of not being able to find a single review on it. The SOC20 is transparent as hell in that it always sounds natural, but once you bypass it, you can really tell. Its like a 4d (yes 4d hehe) is becoming 2d, and then you enable it again and everything is alive again. Really impressive stuff, and it works great on the bus for a lot of music where you want size and depth.
[Sept 2014]

John Vestman

This compressor sounds fantastic. Smooth, silky, musical - and the mid-side function is a total winner and sounds amazing. It's now the new "secret weapon" in my HD Separation Mastering console, enhancing my instrument channel like no other compressor has ever done.
[John Vestman Mastering. August 2013]

Matthias Millhoff

I have the pleasure to try out the SOC20 right now and I just want to say, that I'm totally blown away!! I was looking for another mixbus and mastering compressor for a while now and I tested a few (STC-8, VSC-2, dynax2). Although these are very different designs, for my taste my good old tube-tech LCA-2B always gave me the most convincing results. Only the dynax2 was catching my attention but it is more like a creative tool.

Probably I was looking for an optical compressor with a more sophisticated approach than the dynax2 and guess what...? Since two days I have one in my rack... the SOC20! I can't say how much I like the sound of the SOC20. It is just the perfect companion to the LCA-2B, pretty much the opposite of its sound, in a very good way! Thank you for designing and building such a great sounding compressor.
[Matthias Millhoff, Berlin. October 2011]

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