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Ive recently gotten an elixir, from my limited tests it's got a really nice open top and solid full bottom end. Tons of headroom. It's not as mid forward as some API style preamps, but sounds wonderfully large and real. The DI is fat fat fat! Really like the toggle switches, and the mute switch is very handy. Looking forward to putting it to use on lots of acoustic sources soon.
[December 2014]

Scott Johnson

These two [Elixir & Essence] are such a killer combination for my steelbody National that I had to get another set of them. I am only a musician, not a recording engineer, but I've been playing guitar for over 25 years and know what sounds good. These Buzz products are damn good. I am a fan.
[January 2007]


The Elixir is just gorgeous, big and open (though it would be selling it short to say 'uncolored') and is a perfect addition to my collection of preamps! It is gorgeous and clear but at the same time, it has an attitude all it's own (I am so tired of clones). It definitely reveals the details particularly in a voice and makes any source material seem more important. I have a feeling that my OSA L3's, Shadow Hills, and Great River will be playing second fiddle to the Elixir for a while. My Soundelux e250 into the Elixir and then polished by the Essence on the way to being recorded is a very nice sounding combination!! Anyway, I appreciate all your work on these babies and will tell you they were well worth waiting for!
[Studio-Rudio November 2006]

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